Nics At Nite

New Year's Eve with Big Lez

December 31, 2020 Nics At Nite, Nicole L. & Nicole C. Episode 19
Nics At Nite
New Year's Eve with Big Lez
Show Notes

It’s the last Thursday of the month (AND YEAR!) which means it’s an interview episode!!! 

As the Nics wrap the show for the year, they are joined by multi-hyphenate Big Lez! The Nics get into a recap of the year and looking forward to what’s coming next from the perspective of an established creative.  

Topics Covered:

-  How does a multi-hyphenate journey/career path begin

-  Creating your own lane to accommodate your talents

-  Finding balance and being able to give all of your projects your best

-  Being kind to yourself on days you are facing creative blocks or stagnation

-  Happy New Year and thank you for your support! 

   The Nics will be back with new episodes on Jan. 21.

Today’s Guest:

Entertainment icon & legend, Leslie "Big Lez" Segar has trademarked her presence in the music industry. She is a multi-talented & highly respected dancer/choreographer, on-air radio & TV personality/producer, fitness specialist and stage & film actress . Leslie defines the term, "Jane of All Trades, Master of All". Her multi-media reputation has cemented her place in music history. Currently Lez can be heard on her Dash Radio show called ThaSpinRoom. As an evolving artist, Leslie has put on her director's hat and is now developing a dance documentary. 

 Leslie Segar, a woman who truly represents spirit, mind & body.

@IAmLeslieSegar and @YourGirlLez



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