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2020 Election Special!!!

November 02, 2020 Nics At Nite, Nicole L. & Nicole C. Episode 11
Nics At Nite
2020 Election Special!!!
Show Notes


We’ve made it to one of the most anticipated times of this the year – the United States presidential election. What a time…

The Nics get into their thoughts on the current times and get into a timely reenactment of The Simpsons’ as well as their thoughts, predictions and concerns revolving around the 2020 election.


Topics Covered:

-  Election 2020 – pros, cons, call to action 

-  Breathing and believing 

-  Stand Up and Pop Off

-  Reenactment Episode – “The Simpsons”


Oracle Card of the Week:

Three card pull revealed “Joan of Arc”, “Cernunnos” and “Archangel Michael



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Free The Unicorn- Panty Shopping


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