Nics At Nite

The Tale of The Holiday Bae

October 22, 2020 Nics At Nite, Nicole L. & Nicole C. Episode 9
Nics At Nite
The Tale of The Holiday Bae
Show Notes

As the dark evenings roll around quicker and the weather gets cooler, the Nics are thinking of getting cozy and cuddly. In today's podcast Nicole L. and Nicole C. discuss the tale of the holiday bae! With Halloween around the corner, holiday season is upon us so it’s time to get boo’d up!


Topics Covered:

-  Defining and clarifying the term of “holiday bae”

-  Holiday bae goals and fantasies 

-  Gift-giving etiquette and holiday perks for the temporary lover in you

-  Do’s and Do Not’s of holiday dating


Oracle Card of the Week:

Master Jesus – Open your heart to love.



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