Nics At Nite

Putting Fear In The Back Seat

October 08, 2020 Nics At Nite, Nicole L. & Nicole C. Episode 7
Nics At Nite
Putting Fear In The Back Seat
Show Notes


In today's podcast Nicole L. and Nicole C. face and embrace their fears. In a year that has been ridiculously unpredictable, the Nics get real about their anxiety and fears about the current state of affairs. 

Topics Covered:

-  Creating a space to face your fears

-  Ways fear shows up in the body and daily routine

-  Therapy and other resources to help put fear in the back seat 

-  Standing up for what’s right in the face of fear

Oracle Card of the Week:

Kali-Ma – Facing Fear: Major spiritual changes are unfolding. This is your chance to soar.

Mentioned in the Episode:

“Stop thinking about things happening to us and see them as things happening for us.”

2020 Disasters related to climate change

Defining quantum healing hypnosis

The Hunger Games

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