Nics At Nite

Ain't Nothing To A Boss

September 24, 2020 Nics At Nite, Nicole L. & Nicole C. Episode 5
Nics At Nite
Ain't Nothing To A Boss
Show Notes

In today's episode Nicole L. and Nicole C. welcome confidence influencer, self-love/self-care advocate and entrepreneur Paris Hatcher. The owner of My Classy Closet shares her journey as the ladies discuss entrepreneurship for women. 

Topics covered:

- Forging your own path despite family’s expectations

- Turning your passion into a business and capitalizing on your purpose

- Downsides of owning your own business

- Getting creative with your hustle

Oracle Card of the Week:

Paul the Venetian – Share your gifts with grace

Mentioned In The Show:

Find our guest Paris Hatcher at her site or on social @ParisHatcher 

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My Classy Closet

Rick Warren “The Purpose Driven Life

Phase 2 Remix from @DJ_Roc_504

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